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How to choose a good hyip for for investment?

There are many hyips in the network, but not in everything can be invested in investments! So before you'll start investing in hyips, you need to understand how to choose the right good hyips for your portfolio. Absolutely honest hyis doesn't exist in principle, so your contribution to any programs, even the coolest and very well prepared, will never be insured against 100% losses. But there are ways in which you can more or less analyze the hyip you have chosen, even if not a lot, but reduce the likelihood of losing funds.

In this article, I'll give you some tips that will help you when choosing a hyip for investment.

In the process of choosing a hyip project, you need to pay attention to many factors:

1. Legend and texts - Developments HYIPs invent and write a legend in order to convince potential investors that it is supposedly a company with real activities, investing money in which you can be absolutely sure that there is no risk and you will earn anyway. But of course, this is all not true, and one cannot believe in it. But...! Still, it is worth paying attention to the legend of the project, namely how it was worked. The legend of the hyip should be logical, well and detailed. The text should be unique and without grammatical errors. When analyzing the legend of the project, we need to make sure that the administration has carefully worked on the materials, and they aren't just copied the texts somewhere on the network and posted them, without even really checking them. Unfortunately, this happens quite often.

2. Official company registration - It's very good if hyip has a certificate of registration of a company in any country in the world (most often the UK). Such certificates are usually posted on the project website and this causes more confidence among investors, and of course it speaks of the costs in the process of preparing the project, because any such certificate costs money.

3. Marketing - Investment plans and conditions. In order for advertising to work productively, it is very important that the plans are moderate and balanced in terms of profitability. There should be no significant advantage in the direction of increasing profitability depending on the size of the invested funds.

4. Visual website analysis – Always pay attention to the visual quality of the project, to the correct placement of all kinds of sections, blocks, buttons, text and other elements of the site. If something looks clumsy, crooked, protrudes beyond the screen or the elements bump into each other, or there are buttons that do not work, etc. This indicates that the hyips admin did not try hard during the development process, and therefore more likely just not aimed at good work and results. In this case, it's also worthwhile to draw an appropriate conclusion and save money for a better investment program.

5. Website technical analysis - When choosing an hyip in which you want to invest, be sure to pay attention to the technical data of the site:

• Domain name – You can check the domain name using the WHOIS servise. Be sure to check the date of registration of the domain and for how long it is purchased. The longer the period, the better, but you should always remember that even if a domain is purchased for 5 or more years, this does not guarantee that hyip will close earlier. If during the domain check you see that the Russian zone is indicated in the “Whois Server Registrar” field, you should not consider such a project as investment, since the domain may be blocked during the first complaint, and in this case, the hyip will end.

• Webhosting – Low-quality hyip very often have sites on cheap hosting, and sometimes even completely free. Check on which hosting this or that project is located you can here. Although in some cases, it is probably not possible to determine hosting. When you find out which hosting site, visit the site of this hosting provider, read the tariffs, read reviews, etc. In this way, you can understand what costs the administration incurs when paying for a hosting.

• DDOS protection – If there it’s one, usually, when you enter the site you need to wait a bit or enter captcha and only after that there is a redirect to the site itself. In most cases, HYIPs are protected from the Cloudflare service.

• Server – If you have a low-quality hyip, then most likely it will be located on a cheap server, on which in addition to this there will also be sites, sometimes more than 10. If the site administration has seriously approached the development and launch of its project, then it will be located on a clean server, on which there will be no others other than the site you are checking. Check how many sites are located on one server you can (IP) here

• SSL certificate – This certificate provides a secure connection to the site you are accessing. An SSL certificate is indicated by a lock next to the site address in the browser, or by a green address bar. Installing such a certificate does not require much effort and sometimes it is generally free. But the presence of such a certificate is required and that the certificate would NOT be free. Check SSL certificate you can here.

• Script – Script, code of any site, not hyip only, this is the core of the quality functioning of the project, regardless of its level. The study of this moment ensures the correct fulfillment of tasks and obligations, and investors can be sure that the funds invested by them are in safe hands.
In short, it is best when the script is unique, but if a template script is used, then it must be licensed. You can read more about scripts and licenses that are used in hype projects here.

• Design of site - This is the first thing you see when on a website, in our case, these are investment programs sites. The first thing you should pay attention to is the design of the site. Ideally, the hype design should be unique, modern and understandable to the user. The design of any site should attract the user.

• Coding of site – It is necessary to check the quality of the layout of the site, for any errors made by the layout designer. Can be do it using this service. If a lot of mistakes were made in the layout of the site, this suggests that the admin did not particularly bother with this issue, respectively, we draw conclusions …

6. Site Content and Functionality

In addition to the legend of the investment project, it is also worth paying attention to other contents of the site.

• News – Almost all projects have a news section in which the administration publishes information about various innovations, updates, etc. It is very important that there is activity in this section and that the news is posted regularly. This suggests that the project administration is engaged in attracting investors, and not just receiving deposits.

• Empty sections and pages of the site – In some projects, on the site you can find empty sections or non-existing pages of the site. It’s also worth paying attention to, because with a good approach this should not be.

• Statistics of HYIP – It is desirable that statistics on the HYIP's website are available, attendance counters, duration of work, the number of investors, the amount of invested funds and payments, etc. Statistics are often make to fake on purpose, but we should always try to analyze this data.

• Video presentation – If there is a video on the HYIP’s website with a presentation of the project, it’s worth watching it and evaluating the quality of the video, it will also give us an understanding of the funds that the administration spent in developing the project.

• Phone numbers – It’s good when such contact information is available on the HYIP’s website. But not on all sites of hyip you can see the phone numbers on which you can call and get answers to your questions. Often the phone numbers that are placed in the contacts do not function properly. But it is definitely better when there are at least some phone number.

• Offices – More often than not HYIPs are haven't real offices, and the addresses located on the sites it's fake. Allow yourself to open real offices can only very cool projects that intend to work long and seriously (at least a year). Such hyips usually offer a low percentage of daily return, but are able to digest large amounts. These hyips are worth a look always, because you can earn very decent money in them.

• Types of payots – Most popular payots types is automatic or instant payments, but manual payots is also popular, although it is less convenient for investors, because after ordering payments you have to wait some time (usually from 24 to 48, less often up to 72 hours). But this doesn't mean at all that if the payments are manual, then the hyip is bad, because there are so many good projects with manual payments.

• Referral (affiliate) program – You need to pay attention to how adequate interest the hyip offers for attracting referrals. If the percentage is too high, this will quickly empty the cashier and shorten the life of the project.

• Chats – If there is a live chat on the site for quick contact with support and they answer any question quickly, this is a good sign. And if the hyip also has its own telegram chat, where investors communicate and the administration takes part, this is undoubtedly plus for the HYIP.

• Social networks – In projects aimed at long-term work, a Telegram channel and chat for investors, pages / groups on VK, Facebook and other popular social networks are usually created. Such groups are constantly updated with news and other content and the number of participants is constantly increasing. If groups or a channel are created, but nothing is placed in them, and even more so if comments are also disabled, then you need to think about whether it is worth investing money in such a HYIP.

HYIPs administration Activity – You must always pay attention to how the admin participates in the life of his project. A good sign, if the administration quickly answers questions via chat and e-mail, communicates on the forums. Thus, we can understand how the admin is responsible and competent.

7. Investor Reviews – Before making a contribution to the project, you need to search and read the reviews of investors who are already participating in this hype in order to find out how relevant it is to invest in the project in question and also make sure of its solvency. You can find such information in the project chats (if available), on the MMGP forum, or on our monitoring. Payments from all projects that are monitored are published daily, as payments are received.

8. Ad campaign of HYIP - The main "engine" of any investment programs is the constant influx of new investors and investments, but this is impossible without a good and competent advertising campaign. Therefore, we should always monitor the progress of the hyip in which we plan to make a deposit. If the admin purchases advertising smoothly and gradually, this will contribute to a balanced load on the cash desk of the project, which will make it possible to work longer.

To sum up

HYIPs is a very popular investment tool that provides the opportunity to receive very good returns and quickly increase your capital. In addition, this is an almost passive income. With the correct distribution of funds and the choice of hyips, you can earn much more than banks offer - MUCH MORE!

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