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Dictionary investor

If you just started your journey in HYIP investing, you'll face all sorts of challenges and one of such problems is the misunderstanding of certain words, which are often used at forums, blogs, monitorings and in general in the HYIP industry. So, to help novice investors to understand this, we decided to write this article, which consider the basic terms and their meanings.

Automatic payment (Auto payments) - is the most convenient and attractive to investors in the form for payouts. In this case you no need to go to your personal account of the program and to order a withdrawal, money will be automatically credited to your specified account in the payment system.

Account - is your personal account, which you created during registration in program, its a personal dashboard where you create your deposits, withdraw profit, etc.

DDoS attack - is a hacker attack on a project’s website in order to destabilize its work and the process of
paying investors. DDoS attack can cause scam.

Payback - this means that they reached 0, that is, the income received from the project is equal to the amount of money invested in the program. From this moment, the investor begins to receive a net profit.

Verification - the process of verifying your identity: or other data specified during registration. Usually this happens in several stages and for this will require a scan or photo of your passport.

Diversification is the distribution of your funds between several investment instruments (or assets). It's done for order to minimize the possible risks of losing money, in the event that the program in which you made a contribution was closed and it's impossible to return the funds. Diversification is one of the basic rules of every successful investor.

Deposit - the amount of money invested by you in an asset (program), on which interest will be charged.

Transaction Identifier (Batch) - the identifier (number) of a payment transaction, which is assigned to each payment made in the electronic payment system.

Investments - investing in any assets (for example, securities, real estate and HYIPs), in order to make a profit.

Investment portfolio - is a list of investment instruments (assets/HYIPs) between which the investor distributes its capital.

Investor - is a person who invests in any assets for profit.

Inside information - closed information about a particular program and its administration. This information is available only for some people (investors, bloggers).

Instant payments - one of the types of payments from HYIP. Is the second most attractive among investors. This is an automatic withdrawal of your profit immediately after ordering your payment in your program’s account.

Legend - a description of the history of the program (company), its type of activity and principles of work. Typically, such a story is just a fiction of the administration, because HYIPs don't conduct any real activity. In very rare cases are there exceptions only.

Listing - a list of HYIPs that are posted on the monitoring/blog site. Listing characteristics depend on the amount paid by the program administration. This parameter using, you can estimate the costs of advertising and promotion and guided by this parameter, you can draw conclusions about the intentions of the administration of the program in terms of terms work, goals and solvency.

Multi-accounts - availability/registration with the investor of several accounts in one program. This action is strictly prohibited and is punishable by blocking all accounts, without return his invested cash.

Partisan - this is the name of the HYIPs that have been with virtually no advertising. Sites of such programs are usually simple and don't have a unique design, there is a small selection of tariff plans (most often low interest). This is done primarily all for a smoother start of the program.

Profit - net profit received by you from the project to which you contributed.

Regulations - a certain period of time (indicated on the site of the program), during which the funds you ordered must be paid to the wallet. Violation of regulations of payments can be taken as evidence of the scam of the program (but there are exceptions).

Referral/Affiliate link - a unique link to the program, with which you can invite new contributors to this HYIP, for which you will receive a reward, percentage of the amount of investments invited by you to new investors.

Re-invest - is a repeated contribution of your profit to the same program.

Referral - a new HYIP participant who went to the program website and registered using the affiliate link of the referrer.

Referrer is a program participant who attracts new investors to hype through his referral (partner) link.

Scam (Scam) - completion of work (bankruptcy) of an investment program. If the HYIP has stopped paying to investors, this is scam.

Fast - is a highly profitable program who offers a very large profit in a very short time. Often the period of work of such programs may be limited to one or two days only and sometimes even a few hours. Duration of work depends on how high interest rates are offered and how competent is program management.

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) - a highly profitable investment program. Is these are Internet-programs that offer investors invest your money at high interest rates. The interest rates of return in HYIP are many times higher than bank ones.

EPS -Electronic Payment Systems. This is an integral part of any Internet investments and HYIPs in particular, because all money transactions are performed through electronic payments, whether it is storage of funds, deposits/payments from programs, etc. The most popular among hyip investors are Payeer, Perfect Money and Advanced Cash.

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