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8 important rules for investing in HYIP

Have you ever noticed that there are two types of people: the first - who invest a lot, but rarely get any kind of Internet income, and the second - who manage to find financial benefits even where, at first glance, it is completely impossible to do. What do you think is the difference between them?

There is a difference, and it is significant. However, these are not generally accepted indicators of success in the form of Oxford higher education, Nobel intelligence or mind-blowing intuition. Everything is much simpler: people who successfully raise money in hyip know, understand and adhere to several important rules for working with this type of investment. Using them in practice, they get three for the price of one:

1. Spend less time gaining experience through their own mistakes;
2. Minimize financial risks;
3. Increase their earnings.

Are you already interested? Then read on. We will reveal all life hacks from the most successful hyip investors of all time, as well as talk about what many of them are silent about (they surely don't need competitors). Go!

Rule №1. HYIP-investment is not the only income

Following this rule, you should initially organize your main financial income that is not related to investments, but which will cover all your basic needs. And only after that, you can start experimenting with deposits.

Why? Most likely, you will need up to six months, until you can get a good profit on your investment. Until this time, your basic needs should be closed so that you do not rush to the first program you get with the goal of thoughtlessly investing money in it.

Lifehack. It is worth investing only from your personal reserves that are available today. No loans, microloans, and debts.

Rule №2. One investment portfolio – many programs

Any investment expert will advise you in no case to focus on only one subject of investment. It should be two, three, and preferably four or more programs in which money is invested in proportion to the degree of reliability of each of them.

Why? Today the program exists - tomorrow it is already "tired" and, if it was the only source of income, then, to put it mildly, you stayed in a....

Lifehack. As soon as you feel that one of the programs is blown away, immediately look for the next one to close the financial balance.

Rule №3. Be careful with reinvestments!

What is the tempting idea to take out profits and invest it in the same investment program, right? It seems to you that in this way you will successfully increase your deposit and significantly increase your chances of making big money. Don't do it. It’s better to take all the profit, leave 50% to yourself, and reinvest the second 50% (by the way, not earlier than the first day of the breakeven!). Or even better, take the maximum profit and distribute it between two other programs.

Why? Here again, we return to the issue of defocusing from Rule # 1. Your money should not be concentrated in one hyip due to the high probability of scam.

Lifehack. Do not invest in a restart of the program. If it left the distance ahead of time once, it is unlikely that it had the strength to "swim out" again.

Rule №4. Take yours as often as possible

You do not need to collect any magic sums in your account for withdrawal, such as, "As soon as I’ll have $ 1000 - I’ll immediately withdraw." When you work with hyip programs, it is better to withdraw money as often as possible, that is, as quickly as the rules of cooperation allow.

Why? The reason is the same: today you can withdraw, and tomorrow – not.

Lifehack. Even before the conclusion of the deal, please find out if the program has the ability to withdraw money in a way convenient for you, and not just by postal transfer with a commission of 45%.

Rule №5. Trust no one and nothing

The truth is everything you read about the program is most often a lie. Documentation also has little to do with reality (registering a company in Hong Kong? Not a problem for $ 1000!). In turn, the administrator simply makes money beautifully by packing the offer in a beautiful wrapper. Remember this and do not believe anyone.

Why? A hyip program is a way of making money, and you are a passive participant in it and just one of the cogs. Nothing depends on you, but you can definitely really assess the situation and not rely on any guarantees.

Lifehack. You will get much more pleasure if you start to regard this as a game of chance, where you won – cool, lost – at least you got high on the process.

Rule №6. Study the program carefully before investing

Here you will need an elementary skill of comparison and analysis. Just imagine that you see an offer from two similar companies, in one of which the possibility of withdrawing money appears after 14 days, and the other - after 2 months. It is clear that you need to choose the first option. Do the same so with all the parameters of the program (investment plan, terms of existence, conditions of participation and percentage of RCB, status, feedback from real investors).

Why? Impulsive decisions will lead to financial loss, do you need it?

Lifehack. It is also not recommended to make deals on emotions - positive or negative. You've heard from the brother of your friend’s best friend that the investment program is being closed - do not rush to take action, double-check the info.

Rule №7. Keep your data safe

Yes, it’s necessary, banally, not to tell anyone about your codes and logins. Protect your email with some tricky super-password and make sure that it cannot be opened automatically from your mobile gadget. In general, it’s better to keep silent as much as possible about how much and what kind of hyip programs you have invested in (people know less - sleep better, remember?).

Why? Hackers do not sleep, and your money is their earnings. At least that's what happens if you turn off caution.

Lifehack. The most secure is considered to be Gmail, well, or Mail with the condition of two-factor authentication.

Rule №8. Keep counting your money

Let it be a Google Doc or a green Excel file, but in any case, you must understand how much money was invested during the week/month and how much profit was made.

Why? If you see a real picture of financial flows in front of you, then on its basis you will conclude and adjust your strategy much easier.

Lifehack. And there will be no lifehack, just good luck!

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