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What's HYIPs?

Today, there are many varieties of investment projects. Of course, the profitability of the project plays an important role, because we are always looking for the opportunity to earn as much as possible. At first glance, highly profitable projects are preferable in this regard, but do not rush .... Before you consider the features of highly profitable HYIPs, first you need to understand what HYIPs are in general.

Hyip. What is it?

Hyip (High Yield Investment Program) is an investment project that enables its investors to receive a large percentage of profits by redistributing funds between project participants. But before considering this type of investment, you should remember once and for all that the higher the yield, the higher the risk of loss of funds!

Any hyip is a financial pyramid, so this type of investment is quite risky. But as they say, who does not risk, he does not drink champagne! In the end, in HYIPs, you can successfully increase your capital, starting even with a small amount of $ 10-20.

Making money on hyip is real! The task of a hyip investor is to find a good project, invest in it on time, while its development and the main influx of deposits is ongoing, and then exit it in time, taking profit.

HYIPs types:

Low interests HYIP - these are hyips with a yield of up to 20% per month from the originally invested funds. They work on average six months, but long-livers who work for more than six months and even several years are not rare. It all depends on the marketing of the project, and of course the intentions and greed of the administrator.
Medium interests HYIP - these are hyips offering a yield of 20 to 60% per month. Working with them is more risky, because as a rule, such projects work from a couple of weeks to six months and when the hype closes, no one will give you an exact answer. Sometimes even the project admin himself does not know this for sure.
Highly profitables HYIP - they offer to invest with a yield of 60% + per month (from 2% per day). Such HYIPs do not work long, from several hours to several weeks, and as a rule only those who entered at the start manage to earn money, while the rest do not have time to withdraw their money.

Regarding highly profitable programs, I can also add that you can work with this hyips (if you go from the start), but only with those who offer daily returns of up to 8% -10%. Personally, I do not recommend investing in projects that offer income of 20% -30% -50% per day, because the probability of making money in them is extremely small!

And now that you’ve already learned what HYIP is, I recommend that you read an article about How to choose a a good HYIP for investment

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DISCLAIMER:All investment programs we post on the Real Monitoring website for the purpose of familiarization only and isn't a call for action.
When investing in HYIP, remember the golden rule of the investor - don't invest more than you're willing to lose if the contribution is unsuccessful. .